Etex South Africa ensures that no noise is good noise at Devland Soweto Education Campus

Etex South Africa ensures that no noise is good noise at Devland Soweto Education Campus

Effective auditorium acoustic design ensures that sounds are loud enough for the audience to hear without it being echoey or distorted, including those who are seated at the very back.

When done right, good acoustics help audiences focus on the performance. It also creates an environment that is conducive to learning - perfect for educational spaces.

So when Deborah Terhune from Growing Up Africa (GUA) got in touch regarding the ceiling in their auditorium on the main Devland Soweto Education Campus, we knew Siniat’s Creason and Createx acoustic ceiling panels would be the perfect solution.

Who is Growing Up Africa?

GUA is a non-profit organisation that was established to build and serve in under-resourced areas by developing state-of-the-art education-based facilities. Deborah, founder and CEO of Growing Up Africa (GUA), is a woman with a remarkable vision and commitment to impact investing in South Africa. She knew that the Devland Soweto Education Campus would only be possible if GUA taps into its ever-expanding network of like-minded companies and individuals to complete the 2000 square metre building on the 7000 square metre site, about 25 kilometres outside of Johannesburg. This campus is a world-class facility that supports education and community development with a focus on 4IR learning that echoes the ever-evolving needs of the global environment. And the construction of the Devland Soweto Education Campus also provided an opportunity for around 200 youths to get involved and to see what it is like in the construction industry.

But the most striking part of this campus is the swooping design of the main building’s roof. Designed by Boogertman and Partners, the flying roof over the auditorium can be seen from the highway. Deborah says: “It speaks to everybody, it is a symbol of Devland rising; the future is unknown - but we are flying”. She says this part of the building has had the most influence on people in the community and adds that “you can see this flying roof from anywhere”.

How Etex got involved in the Devland Soweto Education Campus

“We build communities. And we engage with construction industries to make it possible,” said Deborah. She says their model is to try and engage as many companies as possible to see if they can help with a part of the building, instead of looking for businesses or people who can donate it all. Earlier in 2021, Deborah approached the Etex team to see if we would be able to assist with the project. And as if destined for the project, the new Siniat Createx and Creason products were launched around the same time and could be used to add the finishing touches to the flying roof. Deborah remarked that when she saw the board, the pattern really appealed to her and was especially beautiful to look at once installed as the light fell perfectly through the jewel shapes in the board. She also said that “as they put up the boards, you could hear the sound difference in the space”. However, not only are these products great at creating exceptional acoustics but they were also developed with the user’s well-being and health in mind.

More than just acoustics: safe, sustainable, smart and aesthetically pleasing

One would think that indoor air quality is better than outdoor air quality due to the shielding effect of buildings, however, combined indoor and outdoor air quality studies have found indoor air pollutant concentration higher than outdoor. Luckily, the CAPT’AIR technology integrated into the Siniat Creason and Createx acoustic ceiling and wall products have been measured and proven to be effective by long-term, independent scientific studies. For more information about GUA visit Growing Up Africa

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