Siniat’s new MasterGrid Ceiling Systems

Siniat’s new MasterGrid Ceiling Systems

Our new high-tolerance ceiling grids are lighter, stronger and more sustainable than ever before.

What is Siniat MasterGrid?

Siniat MasterGrid is the go-to ceiling grid system when you need a reliable product to deliver a quality installation for your customer. The Precision roll formed from light gauge steel is designed to precisely interlock and form a ceiling grid system.

Product benefits

  • 100 mm cross tee punch outs allow for maximum installation flexibility, and also decreases on-site product waste.
  • Main tee sections incorporate a rigorously designed and tested Fire Notch (all fire ratings are system and installation dependent).
  • Raw materials are ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • Less material is required, creating better value per m2 than other equivalents.
  • Carries a 10 Year Product Warranty (Terms and Conditions apply)

A sustainable solution

The world is currently facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change, resource scarcity, population growth, rapid urbanisation, shortage of housing, and ageing cities. Siniat supports the transition towards sustainability with our lightweight construction solutions.

We aim to use steel sensibly by reducing production input. The steel employed in the production of MasterGrid products is ethically and sustainably sourced and all production scrap is recycled. Steel is an infinitely recyclable material with a wide range of applications – which means that this ultimately contributes to Siniat’s effort in making a minimal impact on the planet.

Furthermore, the optimised web height reduces the weight of each packaged box. Consequently, greater m2 per ton can be transported, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

As a subsidiary of the Etex group, the Siniat product range is rooted in the group’s commitment to help build a better, more sustainable future.

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